Digging Up Old Bones

by Breaking Violet

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The only album by Breaking Violet. "I Don't Want to Die" is dedicated to Pasquale Fania.
Check out the Greed music video: youtu.be/etnn1viCnwE


released October 9, 1996

Released on October 9th, 1996 by Klink Publishing
Stéphane Fania: vocals, bass and keyboards
Robert Kourie: guitar
Stéphane Mayrand (Stan Mayrand): drums
Lyrics by Stéphane Fania
Music by Robert Kourie and Stéphane Fania
Produced by Robert Kourie
Engineered by Stéphane Fania
Recorded at H.Q. Studio, Montreal, March-May 1996
Mixed at H.Q, Studio, Montreal, June-July 1996
Mastered at S.N.B., Montreal, August 1996 by Jean-Francois Chicoine
Artwork by Stéphane Fania
Photos by Paolo Gattola



all rights reserved


U-Iliot Records Montréal, Québec

U-Iliot Records is an independent metal record label from Montreal, Canada founded in December of 1991.

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Track Name: Had a Dream
Found this world in the corner of my mind. It was so bright it nearly made me blind. No hatred, pain nor hunger. No one cares about skin color. In this world waster taste divine.

Once I was there.
So unreal life was fair.
Had a dream.

Peaceful feelings surrounding and lifting me. Gentle breeze refreshing thoroughly. No exploitation nor destruction. No one jeopardizes a nation. In this world, I can be me.

Once I was there.
So unreal life was fair.
Had a dream.

No more feelings of frustration. No more signs of pain. Don't take away this elation. Maybe it's not a dream.
Track Name: Great Expectations
My mind is filled with great expectations. Nut my gains seem only a fraction of the work done each and every day. I go to grasp it. It keeps slipping away.

Away from me.
Keep pushing to the light I see.
Away from me.
Two steps forward, back three.

The closer I get, the further it seems. Will I ever fulfill my dreams? Pressures mounting as minutes turn to days. Hop in tomorrow. I can't be dismayed. There's no denying how hard it really gets. Sometimes losing faith and self respect. I'm still trying to learn to fully trust myself. Some days make me feel so sick and depressed.
Track Name: I
My face appears on the screen. Selling hope and splendid dreams. Your search has finally ended. Savior to all I appear. There's no use in pretending. Message I send's very clear. Solutions that I've found will sold your problems all around. Solutions that I've fond.

I, will appease you, confuse you, deceive you.

Always looking out for myself. Masquerading my selfish game. No conscience to stop me from inflicting sorrow and pain. Pockets full of someone else's dreams. This game's completely insane. So many promises. Favored are those who have paid. So many promises
Track Name: Change
In the sky all things change. And my mind must do the same if I want to give my future one more day.

One more day, a change of mind may take some time.

Every one must understand. In the long run we stand a chance. It's not easy making sure something will be left behind for human kind.

A change of mind may take some time.

It's not only up to others, to save what we've got, but it's up to each and every one of us.
Track Name: Push
What is wrong with this world. Where no one can wait for their turn. Day after day stressed by the human race. Everyone has to get there before you.

Everywhere get pushed.
Everyday feel pushed.

Pressure put on performance rate. Makes me feel inadequate. What am I going to do. Easier to blame you. No way am I going to pay. I'll step on you today. At this point I have learned. Soon enough we'll all crash and burn. What will it take to slow down the race. No one knows for sure. Is there a cure?

Everywhere get pushed.
Everyday feel pushed.
Get the fuck out of my way.
Track Name: Crossed the Line
It was dark and my mind is restless. With the wrong crowd, temptations lay in front of me. Gotta go can't stay any longer in this rat hole. Temptations prey on me.

Crossed the line can't find my way. So dark can't seem to find the strength to stop myself and turn away. Why me? Wish I could turn back time now knowing that. I should save myself from me.

Time waits for no one. Time waits for no one. Time won't wait for me. It was dark and my mind is restless. With the wrong crowd temptations prey on me.
Track Name: I Don't Want to Die
I heard the news the other day. I'm out of time and I'm wasting away. I want to know why this is happening to me. What did I do to deserve this pain and agony. Pretty satisfied with my life, just a few regrets. I did what I thought was right, I tried my best. I know I've done some wrong and I apologize. I've hurt the ones I love and I didn't realize.

If this is the end, tell me why?
This is the end, I don't want to die.
If this is the end, please give me the strength to say goodbye.
This is the end, I don't want to die.

If I had one more change, things wouldn't be the same. I'd enjoy every moment of life regardless of sorrow and pain. I have to accept it if this is the end. But I'll keep on fighting for life once again.
Track Name: Finer Days
Knock at my door, there they were, books in hand. "'Scuse me Sir, we can show you how you can be saved. We've been chosen to deliver word of God in all it's splendor. We will teach you and promise finer days".

Finer days, you'll be saved. So keep on praying for finer days.

Went to the temple and there were pillars of gold and all these jewels. "Please help us feed the poor, we've sacrificed all we've had spreading hope across the land. We will show you the path to heavens' door"

Prey on fears and temptations, selling hope and aspirations. I will guide you to the promised land with your faith and all your money. I can heal all your worries, I will lead you, my word is your command.
Track Name: Trying to Run Away
All alone on a cold street at night and I'm feeling the pain. Don;t know what's eating me inside and no one to blame. I've run and screamed all night with nowhere to hide.

I'm going insane!
And I'm trying to run away.
And I'm trying to find a way.

Pushed myself away from everyone and I'm feeling ashamed. So much anger and hate inside that I can't seem to tame. I've tried and tried to fight with no end in sight.

I'm going insane!
And I'm trying to run away.
And I'm trying to find a way.

Not my fault, no on'es to blame. And someday I won't feel the pain. Trying to run away, trying to run away.
Track Name: Harsh Reality
Everyday I see how sick this world can be. I'm appalled it's shown right here in front of me. What a violent way to die. Makes me think and wonder why. All so frightening, powerless I feel. So sad to see it's a harsh reality when someone decides your fate. Choosing place and time, squeeze the trigger. He just robbed you blind. Someone's life ended today, who made him God anyway?

It's so frightening, powerless I feel. So sad to see someone somewhere, yes, somewhere out there, keeps taking lives away. Someone somewhere, yes, somewhere out there, it keeps happening everyday. So sad to see, disgusting me.
Track Name: Greed
Holes in the sky and polluted river streams. Clear-cutting forests at an alarming rate. It seems you don't care as long as you fill your needs. Destroying land of people easily deceived. Promise wealth makes us weak. It seems you'll pay with blood what you can't get with green.

Take it all, now take it all from me.
Ravage the earth 'til nothing's left to bleed.
Take it all, now take it all from me.
You don't care 'cause your name is Greed.

Stripping the soil of the riches it conceals. Taking much more than you really need. The shareholders are the only ones you please. Consuming loves of those easily deceived. With a senseless pursuit of a golden dream. You'll make some men so weak it seems.

The soul of every man, it's hard to understand how it can make me weak. It's scaring me, your name is Greed!