by Boize

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The only official Boize EP. Originally pressed in 5000 cassettes and 500 CDs, along with stickers, t-shirts and hats and posters.
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released April 21, 1992

Released on April 21st 1992 by U-Iliot Records and Klink Publishing
Perry Blainey (Fyia Powers): vocals
Robert Kourie (Floyd Harem): guitar
Steve Berger (Steve Bahr aka Minou): guitar
Stéphane Fania (Zany Shultz): bass, keyboards
Scott MacDonald: drums
Lyrics by Perry Blainey
Music by Robert Kourie, Stéphane Fania and Steve Berger
Produced by Boize
Engineered by Joe Vieira and Bill Hill
Recorded at Mot-tel, January 1992
Mastered by Jean-Francois Chicoine at S.N.B.
Illustrations by Francois Da Fonseca
Photos by Judith Cezar and Keith Marshall
Art Direction by Boize and Riccardo Fania
Additional vocals on "In-Two Deep" by Dorian Sherwood and Kim Sherwood



all rights reserved


U-Iliot Records Montréal, Québec

U-Iliot Records is an independent metal record label from Montreal, Canada founded in December of 1991.

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Track Name: Get a Life
Know someone who keeps on preaching, keeps bitching at all that's impolite.
Same someone is always threatening (with a look) the theories of life.
Some people have nothing better to do, so they need to be told, once in a while.


Do you find yourself unable, not capable of standing for your rights.
Seek approval of every decision (that you make) for fear it's not what they like,
You might think you'll get all the answers, on the T.V. tonight; get a life.

It's you were talking too, you with the aptitude, looking run-down, abused.
It's calling-life-how appaling, lives stalling.
What you gonna do?


So you figure you've covered all the angles, live at home and let someone care a lot.
Get yourself some good 'ol education, only to remember what you forgot.
You might think you'll get all the answers on the T.V. tonight.
Track Name: Rebel to Rules
Whatever, endeavor
Forever rebel to rules

Don't you ask me what to say about the goings on cause I'll just turn away!
Don't you tell me what to do! Hey!!! Who the fuck are you??
Prone too! Blowing -off the commanding waving hands of authorities
Prone too! Enforcing circumstance
Do I scare you? Or do I make you mad?

Don't you love to get in the way of the tyrant laws that often regulate (how to) look and feel to fit the mass
Don't you love to blast (in a face) the blatant facts that you've accumulated
Opposing all the CRAP (Conditions, Restrictions, Agreements, Permutations)

Whatever, endeavor, forever
Rebel to rules
Whatever the weather, whenever
Rebel to rules
For ever and ever
Rebel to rules

Fight! With all your might, walls that deny what you are doing so right!
You got to fight, to realize, what your heart is craving.

Whatever, endeavor, forever
Rebel to rules
Whatever the weather, whenever
Rebel to rules
For ever and ever, wherever
Rebel to rules

I'll be around, I'll be around.
You'll hear the sound, of me around.
Won't let you eat, won't let you sleep.
Just like a hound. I'll be around.

You dare me?
Track Name: In-Two Deep
The time has come (the time has come) and like the drums I'm pounding beats.
You're on your way (you're on your way), for months and weeks, what can I say.
I'll think of you (I'll think of you)
Where you may go you'll always be inside my head
I'll save some room (for you) in my dreams (in my dreams).

(I can't walk-out), this heart's in need.
(Indulged in-self), I'm in two deep.
(Them times alone), take hold of you is all I need.
(The time has come) and like the drum I'm pounding beats, I'm in too deep
I'm in-too deep.

The time you go (the time your gone).
To wait for you is something strong.
What can I do (you are to me) what I can choose but I can't agree.

(You can't walk-out), this heart's in heat.
(Indulged in-self), I'm in too deep.
(Them times alone), to think of you can't comfort me.
(The time has come) and like the drum (I'm pounding beats), I'm in-too deep.

The time has come (indulge in-self)
And like the drum (I'm pounding beats)
The time you're gone (indulge in-self)
I'll think of you (I'm pounding beats)
I'll think of you...

Indulge in-self
I can't walk out
Indulge in-self
Them times alone
The time has come
I'm pounding beats
Track Name: Tired of Liars
I'm calling on all honest people won't you raise your hands!
Don't be afraid don't be ashamed, to get-up and take a stand!
Why keep getting the run-around, the "don't worry" slurr while in quicksand
They always say they'll always say "we done the best we can"
(I'll be damned)

"I'm busy, see ya later, I got to go". Remember those?
Them sad expressions that are easily said, so hastily told.
They gotta find a way out of fear, do you know a place, where they can go?
Take them away, send 'em away anyplace, our eyes won't face anymore.

Liars! -with evasive avenues.
Tired of liars.
Tired of their processed residue.
Tired of liars.

Promising love they don't have.
Tired of liars.
Lip-service part of their act.
Tiredof liars.
Providing hope in their world.
Tired of liars.
Destroying lives with their words.
Tired of liars.

Give me some muscle

Recalling on recalling honest people, raise your hands!
Don't be afraid, don't be ashamed to get-up and take a stand, take a stand!
Fist your hands!!

Tired of their processed residue.
Tired of liars
Liars- with evasive avenues.
Tired?... Tired!
Liars I can't stand the sight of you.
Tired of liars.
I want nothing to do with you.
Tired Tired.
Aren't you tired?
Track Name: The Riot Inside (The Rioting Side)
High and caught in the steep, laws of esteem, play safe tonite!
Some will punish themselves, blame someone else, to save their pride (play safe tonite).

Out there on some streets, the wounds that are healed are glorified.
Wrongs and harm being done, without a gun, means "being nice".

Estranged from their souls, with nowhere to go, and no-one worth listening to the rioting side... the riot inside.

Trapped in the scheme, of changing extremes; Jekyl & Hyde.
Confused in the head, with instincts of death; Bonnie & Clyde.
This society and its beliefs, lead them to crime.
And walking alone, a friend is a foe, plaguing his life.

It can happen to you, like it happened to me, a complete loss of self-respect (no dignity).
A stranger no more, with a place I can go to to unload all the bad, the mad, the riot-inside... the rioting side.

It can happen to you, like it happened to me.
Estranged in the night, confused in the head, with instincts of death I call suicide.
The rioting side... the riot-inside, the rioting side.